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PrefaceDissecting A Ship’S HullDefinitions and TerminologiesFew MoreReferencesBefore we get deeper into the vast field of naval architecture let us first learn the language of naval architecture. Language of naval architecture means the basic terminologies of naval architecture that we will use frequently in our future topics and it is of vital importance that we know them like the back of our hand. This will not only help for a faster and easier learning but will also make a topic more interesting. Whenever we wa…


The sheer line on a ship is the upward longitudinal curve on ship’s deck. It is the sheer line of the vessel which gives it a pleasing aesthetic quality. Profile of the ship Sheer line of the ship The creation of the sheer plan . The Body Plan - FRONT VIEW

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13/10/2016 Shear Strake. Shear strake is the top most strake of the Side shell plating. So if side shell plating has strakes from A to K then K-strake is the shear strake. This is the strake that connects with the deck plating. Can you identify the shear strake in the box shape ship example that i gave above ? Yes you got it right.

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05/02/2020 Sheer. Sheer : This is the curvature given to the decks in the longitudinal direction and is measured at any point by the difference between the height at side at that point and the height at side amidships. The amount of sheer forward is often twice the sheer aft. ... Deck Line – This is usually ...

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16/05/2018 Shell and Deck Plating. The shell plating forms the watertight skin of the ship and at the same time contributes to the longitudinal strength and resists vertical shear forces. Internal strengthening of the shell plating may be both transverse and longitudinal. The bottom and side shell plating consists of a series of flat and curved steel plates butt welded together.

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The decorative black tape on the sheer line was. Stripping the Hull - RoguePaddler - Sea Kayaking Reviews . Some builders retain the bead-and-cove joint between the hull and deck but since the hull and .

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OverviewSee alsoThe sheer is a measure of longitudinal main deck curvature in naval architecture. The sheer forward is usually twice that of sheer aft. Increases in the rise of the sheer forward and aft build volume into the hull and in turn increase its buoyancy forward and aft thereby keeping the ends from diving into an oncoming wave and slowing the ship. In the early days of sail one discussed a hull's sheer in terms of how much H…Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 许可下的文字

Basic Ship Construction and Naval Architecture Terms

Gunwale: the upper edge of a ship’ s side where the sheer strake meets the deck plating called. Margin line: is a line drawn at least 76 mm below the upper surface of the bulkhead deck at side. It is the imaginary line which is drawn 76mm below the uppermost continuous deck.

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Such suspended hanging fenders often dangle beneath the deck edge of a vessel and may be compressed between the vessel's topsides and a nearby dock or pilings at a height below the level of the deck or sheer line failing to protect the deck edge from impact and damage as wind or wave action drives the vessel toward the adjacent structures.Cited by: 9

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