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Durosleeve | Dock Piling Sleeve | Shoreline Plastics

The Durosleeve is a rugged PVC pile sleeve that is heat shrunk onto marine pilings before they are installed. The sleeve is not a wrap.” It is seamless water tight and totally encapsulates the piling where it is most vulnerable to attack by marine organisms UV damage and abrasive wear and tear. The Durosleeve traps the wood preservative chemicals within the piling prolonging the life of the pile and …

Concrete Filled Pvc Dock Pilings - About Dock Photos ...

21/10/2020 Dock pilings deteriorating at the waterline sailboat owners forums piling repair solution protect beautify pilings american pole timber pvc dock piling about photos ...

EcoPile - Shoreline Plastics

Every wooden pole that is driven into the ground is coated in chemical preservatives that hurt the marine ecosystems. The webbed substrate of the EcoPile is also made up of recycled PVC so for every foot of piling up to 10 pounds of plastic are being reused in a sustainable way. When the piling is no longer needed it is 100% recyclable.

Dock Builders Supply - Piling Wrap

This product is a high density polyethylene material that is .030 thick and is available in both 36 and 60 widths. To determine how much pile wrap you need calculate the circumference (diameter x 3.14) of each piling and add 4-6 for overlap. The 60 wide pile wrap usually works well in most shallow water applications where only one 60 wide ...

Pier Piling Protection: Understanding Pros and Cons of Options

22/2/2019 Pile sleeves usually consist of a PVC-type coating that is heat shrunk around a pier. If pile sleeves are installed over the entire pier before the posts are put into the water it’s done at the lumber yard. In this case it will often look like the pole is painted and possibly not even like it …

EcoPile Vinyl Pilings - Building Products Plus

EcoPile vinyl pilings eliminates the hassle of having to constantly replace pilings weakened by weathering fungal and wood-boring. Since the piling is a vinyl-composite the typical natural weathering causes that affect pilings are nonexistent. Additionally EcoPile vinyl pilings are maintenance free impact resistant and protected by a ...

Specialty PVC Pipe Products - Hawk Plastics Corp

This customer required 12 inch PVC pipe in gray and in tan. We extruded that pipe in8 10 and 12 inch diameter in lengths of a of 15 to 50 feet. An injection molding company molded the caps. The pipe was filled with gravel sand or concrete or they were used as a sheath to protect the wood in retro-fit applications. Complete dock with pilings and bollards

Piling Protection - Decks Docks Lumber Co.

Pile Sleeve: Pile sleeves like DuroSleeve consists of a PVC coating that is heat-shrunk onto the pole at the lumber yard. This coating completely covers the pile and ensures that water never touches the wood ensuring marine organisms like boring worms don’t harm your wood pilings.

Shoreline Plastics | Marine Piling Sleeves Piling Repair

The DuroSleeve provides exceptional marine piling protection throughout its lifetime. The Durosleeve is a marine piling sleeve comprised of a standard CCA treated piling that is completely enclosed within durable and UV protected PVC. The DuroSleeve is heat shrunk to the piling with no seams.Products Durosleeve Contact Where To Buy Gallery EcoPile

SnapJacket | Piling Repair Jacket | Shoreline Plastics

The SnapJacket piling replacement system permanently entombs these creatures and turns your weakened wood piling into a stronger cement one protected by a PVC jacket. When you choose us for timber piling repair you are left with an impenetrable barrier …

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